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Information for quote

1. Describe the product to be molded.

2. Describe its primary function(s) or end use application

3. Are there environmental considerations?
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Min Temp Max Temp
Outside Use
UV Light Exposure
Chemical Resistance
Moisture Resistance
Color Retention

4. Product is for: After market use OEM use

5. Products is: Check all that apply.
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Currently in production
Tooling or Molds available

6. Does part require inserts of hardware? Yes No
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7. Supplied Sourced by molder

8. What tolerances are required?

9. Does the part require special: Check all that apply


10. Estimated initial Volume/Quantity requirements

11. Estimated annual Volume requirement

12. Is there a sketch, drawing, or engineering file available? Yes No

Formworks Plastics uses Solid Works as our CAD program. We can handle most industry standard CAD files. If you would like to send electronic files you can E-mail them to Compressed files (ie Zip) work best.

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