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Formworks Plastics is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of molded polyurethane and cast urethane products.

Located in Southern California in the city of Orange our facility houses the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing operation dedicated to the production of high-quality molded and cast polyurethane products and military products as well.

Since 1979 Formworks Plastics has molded millions of pounds of polyurethane for many industrial markets. We have been providing creative solutions from product engineering, mold designing, mold manufacturing, and custom formulated urethanes to provide our customers with the best quality molded parts.

If you are seeking a world-class polyurethane manufacturer and a leader in molded polyurethane products and technology, then Formworks Plastics Inc. is here to help. Foam or solid, flexible or extremely rigid, 1 part to thousands of parts, or 1 ounce parts to tons.

Call or email Formworks Plastics today and let's discuss your needs.

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